Mar 03 2007

How to play XVID files in a DIVX certified DVD player?

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Do you have one of those DVD players that can play DivX? The ability to cram in 4 or 5 movies in a single DVD5 disk is something that I simply loved, when I got one of these DVD players. Mine is a part of DAV DZ720 that I bought from eZone, Bangalore. It is DivX certified (up to DivX 6). It played all my DivX videos with out a hitch, in fact, the a52 (Dolby) codec is well understood by this player and beautifully handled.

Unfortunately I also have lots of movies in Xvid, which are happily ignored by this DVD player. So, what do I do to play all those content now? I had couple of options:

  • Reencode all the XVID I have to DIVX
  • Update my sony DVD player’s firmware

I checked up with the Sony technical support in Bangalore; the reply was plain and simple – “We neither release any firmware upgrade nor endorse it”. But, I knew of at least one Sony model, for which a firmware upgrade is available online. Anyway, I didn’t pursue this option any further as I didn’t want to experiment with my perfectly working DVD player, by installing some firmware hack! The reencoding option didn’t go well with me either, as I have seen what a lossy algo can do to an already lossy-algo compressed video!

I came across this small utility in installed with Xvid for Windows package, which solved all my problems (ok, not all…still I have this huge mortgage to pay off.)

How to play XVID in a DIVX only DVD player?

  • Just change fourCC of your AVI to DX50 with Nic’s FourCC Changer (comes with XviD codec installation)

Thats all. Were you expecting more steps?

Note that, this may not work if the XviD movie uses GMC/b-frames/q-pel etc. and your player doesn’t support AS profile. The only thing you can do then is to reencode the movie in VirtualDub, using a DivX codec. It causes a big quality loss, but atleast it will work. Check out this link for more info on profiles.

BTW, except for a couple of files, the rest are playing well in my Dz720, following the above trick. I haven’t looked deep in to why some of those files are failing, may be some day I will.

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